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TCU The distinctive Twin Commander profile — a long, slim wing atop a long, low-slung fuselage ending in a commanding vertical fin — has been flying the skies for nearly six decades. And, one of aviation's greatest living heroes — Bob Hoover — has been associated with Twin Commanders for nearly as long because of his extraordinary dead-stick air show routine flown in a Shrike Commander. Without question, Twin Commanders are steeped in tradition.

That rich tradition will be the theme of the 2015 Twin Commander University, set for Thursday-Saturday April 23-25 at the Hilton Savannah DeSoto in beautiful, historic Savannah, Georgia.

Plan to arrive at KSAT in time to play some golf in Savannah's soothing spring weather. On Thursday, April 23 Erik Eliel will present his highly acclaimed Airborne Weather Radar course, a comprehensive six-hour examination of the abilities, and shortcomings, of the most important weather-avoidance tool in your cockpit.

Thursday evening we'll have a gala Welcome Reception at the DeSoto, followed on Friday evening with a cruise down the Savannah River culminating in a lowcountry boil at Ft. Jackson. Friday and Saturday will be devoted to educational seminars on the operation, care, and upgrade of your Twin Commander. The University also will feature product and service exhibits by Twin Commander partner companies including authorized service centers, SimCom Training Centers, and others.

To reserve your room go to, and at the top of the page enter the dates you would like to stay and select "Book." Once the booking page appears, enter the group code "TCA" to get the preferred discounted rate for the University. Note: Book your accommodations before March 31, 2015 to get the discounted rate.

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Holly The holiday season evokes a range of emotions, from the inevitable bittersweet to the much-preferred joyous. Along with the joy, tis' the season for taking a deep breath, setting aside problems that may be weighing on us, and spending some meaningful moments with the people who matter most in our busy lives.

It's also a time for reflection, and giving thanks for all of the rights, privileges, and freedoms that we enjoy, including the freedom to own and fly aircraft. We at Twin Commander Aircraft take great pride in supporting your commitment to owning and operating a Twin Commander, and we wish you all the best this holiday season and over the coming year.

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Got your holiday shopping all wrapped up? Maybe not...

Twin Commander Aircraft is offering a two-for-one holiday deal on a popular cockpit upgrade. Custom Kit (CK) 50 is a replacement kit for the flexible boots that fit around the bases of the rudder pedal and brake valve horns, and the control column pedestals. CK184 contains an aluminum replacement for the factory-installed epoxy plug on each rudder pedal/brake valve horn. The base of each flexible boot is secured to the floorboard while the top is clamped to the plug.

Together, the replacement boots and plugs do an effective job of preventing pressurized cabin air from escaping through gaps around the rudder pedal and brake valve horns and control column pedestals. (Note: a complete aircraft install is comprised of one CK50 kit and four CK184 kits. The kits apply to Twin Commander 680, 685, 690, and 690A/B/C models. Later models are pressurized to the hull.)

And here's the holiday deal that will raise your spirits while lowering your cabin altitude — and your cost: Purchase a complete CK50 boot kit before the end of 2014 and you will receive one CK184 kit at no additional charge. That's a more-than-$400 value worthy of the season that you don't want to miss!

For more information about the CK50/CK184 offer, check with your authorized Twin Commander Service Center.

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Commander Gear You're still not done shopping if you haven't yet ordered your Twin Commander swag from official supplier Land's End. Tee shirts, polos, and jackets for men and women; cases, bags, and totes; overnight bags — it's all there, and all with the distinctive Twin Commander head-on silhouette logo.

To view and order Land's End Twin Commander swag, click here or go to and click on "Commander Gear" at the bottom of the page. It will take you to an official Land's End site where you can view all of the Twin Commander merchandise and place an order. Do it now and you will indeed be done with your holiday shopping.

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Antigua Our monthly Sound Off poll is devoted to a subject near and dear to Commander owners and pilots: Traveling. Holiday traveling, to be specific. Please take a moment to answer a couple of quick questions. As always, we pledge that we never share email addresses, nor will we use the monthly Sound Off poll to market directly to respondents.


Last month we asked about your sociability — how and how much you use social media. Judging by the results, the Twin Commander crowd is indeed a social lot. More than 64 percent of respondents said they are socially savvy, using social media regularly.

Of the various social media outlets, Facebook is the most popular by far among the Commander crowd — 74 percent of respondents said they are Facebookers. Not too far behind was YouTube, of which 65 percent of respondents said they use. Linkedin was next at 43 percent, followed by Twitter at 17 percent and Instagram at 13 percent. The final choice, Pinterest, drew a goose egg — no respondent said they use it.
November Survey

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