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PanelTired of having to reseal the main landing gear actuators on your Twin Commander to stop annoying leaks?

Twin Commander Aircraft now offers a complete rebuild kit for main and auxiliary landing gear actuators. The kits solve the problem of finding scarce replacement actuators in need of overhaul.

Kits are offered for left and right main gear actuators, and the auxiliary actuator, in both red and Skydol versions depending on the hydraulic fluid used.

"The University is a crucial part of our support of the fleet," commented Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley. "It's our one opportunity to spend time with a large group of owners and operators, and the interaction and feedback we get is invaluable. The strong, positive response from participants this year shows that the University is as important to our owners and operators as it is to us."

The kits include the following components:

  • Nameplate
  • Backup ring
  • Spacer
  • Body and bushing assembly
  • Nuts, including high-temp nut
  • O-rings
  • Packing backup ring
  • Piston rod
  • Head
  • Gland
  • Rod-end bearing

For more information including pricing contact your authorized Twin Commander Service Center.

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Custom kit
In June 1966 Rockwell Commander announced a new safety feature for the 560A, 560E, and 680-an electrically heated fuel tank vent. The modification to the existing fuel tank vent was designed to prevent the formation of ice over fuel tank vents by operating automatically whenever pitot heat is used. That mod, officially known as Custom Kit 46A, still is available, and heads a list of 72 Custom Kits offered by Twin Commander Aircraft. The complete list can be found online at

The full Custom Kit Index can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF document. You also can search the Index by keyword, by piston or turbine aircraft model, or by kit number or name. Click on the specific kit number to get a summary of the kit, its model applicability and effective date, and an email form to request more information.

Nearly 50 years after the electrically heated fuel vent kit was issued, Twin Commander Aircraft has released the latest Custom Kit, CK 196, for a Composite Laminate Dorsal Shell with Moisture Dispersion System for the 690A/B. Check it out!

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Panel Ten years ago Downtown Airpark in Oklahoma City closed its doors, suddenly and permanently. That left a lot of long-time Commander customers scratching their heads over where to go for factory-authorized service. That question was answered two weeks later when Raul J. Gomez, Kevin Chance, and other Downtown Park employees formed Legacy Aviation Services and set up shop at Clarence E. Page Airport in Yukon west of Oklahoma City.

From those humble beginnings Legacy Aviation Services has grown to become one of the premier Twin Commander service centers, active in inspections, modifications, repairs, and sales. Last year Legacy received an A+ rating from the Central Oklahoma Better Business Bureau.

In September 2014 Legacy acquired Mid-Continent Airmotive, its neighboring MRO facility on the airport. Mid-Continent was an authorized Twin Commander service center that specialized in Twin Commander inspections.

Gomez said the company is proud of its rise-from-the-ashes origins, and especially proud of the decades of Twin Commander experience that Legacy's technician core possesses.

"We have a legacy of excellent customer service," he noted. "That's the way we like it-taking the best care of our customers as possible. Then they tell others and we make new friends." For more information see

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Did you miss Erik Eliel's Airborne Weather Radar course at the Twin Commander University in Savannah last April? Not to worry-Eagle Creek Aviation Services is inviting Twin Commander operators and pilots to attend Erik's full six-hour class-at no charge-on Saturday, June 27 at Eagle Creek's Indianapolis, Indiana, base (KEYE).

Erik begins with a discussion of the basics of airborne weather radar; then talks about fundamentals concepts including reflectivity, attenuation, and tilt control; and concludes with an in-depth analysis of operational techniques. Those who have attended his class know that it provides a strong foundation of knowledge, skill, and confidence in operating and interpreting your airborne weather radar system.

To reserve a seat, contact Eagle Creek's Jenn Branch at 800-487-3331 or email

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Custom kit Another popular seminar at the 2015 University was Dr. Paul Buza's session on hypoxia. Dr. Buza is founder of the Southern Aeromedical Institute in Melbourne, Florida, which specializes in scenario-based physiological training for pilots using an in-house hypobaric/hyperbaric pressure chamber.

SAMI recently upgraded the chamber with Garmin 1000 cockpit simulators. Pilots are tasked with flying the simulators while subjected to decreasing pressure. The deterioration of their communications, concentration, and flying skills serve as a dramatic demonstration of the effects of hypoxia.

SAMI conducts high-altitude training sessions for groups of TBM, Pilatus, and Eclipse pilots, among others, and is offering to do the same for Twin Commander pilots. For more information about their programs, and to inquire about Twin Commander training, see

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