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G950 Eagle Creek Aviation Services has delivered the first Twin Commander retrofitted with the Garmin G950 electronic flight deck. The G950-equipped Commander 1000 was delivered in Miami to a Venezuelan customer.

Eagle Creek received FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) earlier this year for Garmin G950 installations in the model 695A Commander 1000 s/n 96000 – 96055. Other Twin Commander turboprop models are expected to be added to the STC.

The G950 is an integrated all-electronic Garmin 1000 package with the exception that it incorporates the S-TEC 2100 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) instead of a Garmin autopilot.

The Garmin G950 integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, and weather on a large, 12.4-inch multifunction display and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays.

In addition, all engine and system sensors and instrumentation are removed and replaced with new fuel, oil, and hydraulic system pressure transducers and new engine fuel-flow transmitters. All engine and systems information is displayed electronically on the MFD. The new components provide more data on demand than the old sensors and analog instrumentation, and eliminate 200 pounds or more of wiring and equipment.

Eagle Creek engineered and designed a Crew Alerting System (CAS) for the G950 upgrade that allows for removal of the old annunciator panel. CAS messages appear on the 950’s MFD. The G950 Commander package also is WAAS-certified, and offers optional equipment and features including Garmin’s new TCAS systems, the GWX-70 radar, ChartView, and Synthetic Vision. Owners of model 840, 980, 900, and 1000 Commanders can order optional RVSM certification and approval with their Garmin G950.

The Commander G950 program is marketed and supported by Twin Commander Aircraft and the worldwide Twin Commander Service Center network. For more information contact Twin Commander Aircraft or Eagle Creek Aviation Services.

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Cabin lights See and be seen is the fundamental technique for avoiding collisions, and the ability to see and steer clear of conflicting traffic depends primarily on having a clear and clean windshield free of crazing, scratches, and delamination bubbling. How does your windshield measure up?

If you can’t answer the question with a strong thumbs up, maybe it’s time to consider a replacement windshield, and Twin Commander Aircraft may have the motivation you need to do just that. It’s a summer special on new windshields –– a $5,500 instant rebate off the retail price. The special promotion is for Twin Commander windshield parts numbers 360043-13SS and 360043-14SS.

Eligibility for the instant rebate requires a logbook entry showing installation of the windshield(s) within 30 days of a July or August 2014 order date. The purchaser must complete a Windshield Rebate form verifying acceptance of rebate terms. The form is available from and returned to the service center where the windshield was purchased.

As stated in the factory warranty, windshields are warrantied for two years from date of manufacture or 18 months from install, providing the windshield was installed 30 days from date of purchase from Twin Commander Aircraft.

As an additional protection, new windshields installed by a Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center are eligible for a pro rata warranty for up to 36 months.

Don’t miss out on this excellent rebate opportunity. See your way to a Twin Commander Service Center for more information.

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FLU Spring 2014 The Summer 2014 issue of Twin Commander’s redesigned Flight Levels magazine has been mailed to subscribers and distributed to factory-authorized service centers.

The magazine’s design has been completely revamped with a fresh new look. It’s the first redesign of Flight Levels in many years.

The new issue features a profile of Helmuth Eggeling, Honeywell’s long-time TPE331 Pilot Advisor and a favorite presenter at Twin Commander’s biennial University. Eggeling flew North American F-104 Starfighters for the German Luftwaffe before immigrating to the United States and eventually landing at Honeywell, where he also serves as pilot on the company’s Boeing 757 engine testbed aircraft.

The summer issue also includes the latest Twin Commander news and columns, including a humorous but instructive family story told by Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley.

If you are not receiving Flight Levels, you can subscribe for free by going to and clicking on the “Join Our Mailing List” icon. You can also click on “Flight Levels Online” to view the issue on your computer or tablet.

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Readers who participated in the Aviation International News magazine’s 2013 Product Support Survey gave Honeywell’s TPE engines the highest overall average score along with top marks in several important categories including overall engine reliability and authorized service center performance.

The magazine notes that Honeywell was one of only two engine manufacturers out of eight to score higher in 2013 than the previous year.

Graph “The hard work of these business partners is certainly a key to our excellent survey scores”, said Rob Buelow, Customer Support Manager at Honeywell Aerospace.

With the original version designed in 1959, the TPE331 was the first Honeywell turboprop engine. The series now includes 18 engine models and 106 configurations. With more than 13,000 engines delivered to date and more than 126 million hours of flight time, the TPE331 is one of the most reliable and proven turboprop engines in the world.

Some of the factors contributing to the high survey scores include:

>Authorized Service Center performance. The Honeywell TPE331 received particularly notable scores in this category, significantly better than the three other competitors.

>Tech Reps. The scores in the survey noted overall support “continues to demonstrate improved customer service, responsiveness and overall performance.” This score would be a combination of Authorized Service Center and Honeywell Tech Reps providing outstanding TPE support.

Twin Commander factory-authorized Service Centers that also are Honeywell Authorized Service Centers include:

Major Service level: Aero Air in Hillsboro, Oregon; Aero Centros de Servicios, Caracas, Venezuela; Eagle Creek Aviation Services, Indianapolis, Indiana; and Winner Aviation, Youngstown, Ohio.

Overhaul level: Executive Aircraft Maintenance in Scottsdale, Arizona, and National Flight Services in Toldeo, Ohio.

“The Authorized service centers are an invaluable extension of Honeywell,” said Dave Lopez, TPE Aftermarket Business Manager at Honeywell Aerospace.

Read the full AIN Product Survey Report - Engines at:

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