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RADAR The old saw that "It's better to be lucky than good" applies when you're buying lottery tickets, but not so much when you're in the cockpit. Using entertaining videos and eye-opening experiences from his days as an Air Force U2 pilot, Erik Eliel will open the Twin Commander University with some observations on why we definitely want to be good when we fly. Erik also will teach his Airborne Weather Radar course Thursday, April 23, the day before University seminar sessions get underway. Be sure to sign up for his renowned radar course.

University seminars will feature a number of distinguished Twin Commander pilots including SimCom Training Center instructor Leonard Meeks, veteran instructor and mentor pilot Hugh Davis, and others who will discuss issues ranging from single-pilot operations and new "Climb Via" SID procedures to what you should know about pressurization.

Speaking of pressurization, Dr. Paul Buza of the Southern AeroMedical Institute has done extensive research on the effects of hypoxia on pilots, and it his view that hypoxia-related problems begin on takeoff, not at altitude. Hear his insightful presentation at the University.

Not every University session will focus on cockpit issues. Lou Meiners of Advocate Consulting will take a look at how aircraft owners can safely navigate the hazard-strewn course traversing IRS and FAA regulations.

And, you know that cliché about friends giving a yawn-inducing slide show of their recent vacation trip? That definitely will not be the case when Thierry Pouille, founder of Air Journey, the innovative guided and concierge adventure travel company for aviators, gives his University presentation on one of the fabulous international destinations he and his team have visited.

In next month's eLetter we'll be talking more about what the upcoming Twin Commander University has to offer. In the meantime, take a moment to go to and register for the University and reserve your room at the Savannah Hilton DeSoto. You can save $180 on your registration and $80 for your guest if you register before March 31. That's also the cutoff date for reserving your room at the Hilton at our special University rate.

Register today!

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Been somewhere interesting recently in your Twin Commander? Share the experience—comment and post photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Twin Commander Aircraft now has a presence on all three popular social media sites, and the file of friends, photos, and posts is growing. Check out Rafael Querino's beautiful photo of a Twin Commander taking a beach holiday in Brazil on Twin Commander's Facebook page, and some University comments on Twitter.

If you are socially savvy but have not yet visited Twin Commander's social media sites, check them out. If, on the other hand you are a bit leery of social media, this is an easy way to dip a curious toe in the water and get acquainted with a growing and soon-to-be-indispensable way for people to communicate.

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CK50 The latest issue of Twin Commander's Flight Levels magazine is online and ready to read and enjoy.

The lead story profiles "artful scientist" Abraham "Abe" Abuchowski, a biochemist who was instrumental in developing a new and effective technology for protein drug delivery. That technology, subsequently named PEGylation, is now the accepted standard in the field. Abuchowski quickly went from research and teaching scientist to entrepreneur, founding a pharmaceutical company specializing in PEGylation.

The growth of his company depended on a lot of personal contact with physicians, hospitals, suppliers, and others, which led to a brutal travel schedule. Abuchowski soon turned to general aviation for those travel needs, and eventually bought and flew a Twin Commander.

After retiring from the company he sold the Commander and used a piston single for personal travel. Soon, however, he launched a second company and realized he once again was in need of fast, reliable transportation. The result: Abuchowski is working with Eagle Creek Aviation to build the first 690-series Twin Commander with the Garmin G950 panel and S-TEC 2100 Digital Flight Control System.

Read the full story, plus all the regular Flight Levels features—From the Factory, Commander Tips, Market Report, Fleet Facts, and more—at

The next Flight Levels will be available in both print and online, with initial distribution scheduled for the Twin Commander University April 23-25 in Savannah.

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2015 University If you hadn't noticed, we here at Twin Commander Aircraft are focused on planning for the Twin Commander University. We want this to be the most successful University in the event's quarter-century history. That means we'd love to see you in beautiful Savannah this spring, enjoying the company of other Twin Commander owners, operators, and pilots.

In that spirit we devote this month's Poll to the University. We'd like to know if you do indeed plan to be there. We're not asking for your name, just a yea or (hopefully not) nay so we can get a feel for interest in the biennial symposium.

So, the question is, Do you plan to attend the Twin Commander University April 23-25 at the Savannah Hilton DeSoto?


Thanks, and hope to see you in Savannah!

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Bahamas Last December we asked if you planned to do any traveling over the holidays and, if so, would it be in your Twin Commander. We had a relatively small response, but 100 percent of those who did answer said yes to both questions.

We also asked where you planned to go; here are some of the responses:

"Going from LA to Montana skiing with family."

"I flew from south Florida to NY on business and to celebrate Hanukah and see the Christmas lights. I returned with our son and his family's dog, which is too big to travel in the cabin on an airline. We will return our son's family (including the grandog) the first week of January."

"To spend the Christmas holidays with family and friends."

"Taking the Commander to NYC, via Teterboro, for a couple of shows and shopping."

"Long Island, Bahamas."

And this brief but intriguing answer: "Somalia."

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