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led lights Twin Commander Aircraft has developed lighter, brighter, longer-lasting LED lighting for passenger cabins that replaces older-technology fluorescent bulb systems on 690A model and later turboprop-powered Twin Commanders.

The drop-in LED package –– Custom Kit 190 –– includes lights and printed circuit boards. The eight LED lights are a simple remove-and-replace with existing fluorescent bulbs, using existing receptacles in the passenger cabin.

The LED printed circuit boards replace the four existing power supplies mounted on the aft pressure bulkhead. The boards plug into the existing wiring harness and mount to the aft pressure bulkhead in place of the old power supply boxes. No additional equipment or wiring is required to install the LED lighting package.

The LED lighting kit will be available at the end of April, and Twin Commander Aircraft is offering a 10-percent discount on the list price of the kit if ordered before May 30.

For more information contact your factory authorized Twin Commander Aircraft Service Center, or Brian Harbaugh at Twin Commander Aircraft, 919-956-4385,

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eagle creek Quality maintenance performed by technicians who know Twin Commanders is the number one reason to have your aircraft serviced at a factory-authorized service center, and one way that Twin Commander Aircraft can ensure that technicians are qualified is to offer factory-approved training.

Twin Commander-specific formal training for maintenance technicians is offered in a 42-hour course designed to meet the training requirements of the technician with some experience maintaining Twin Commander 690, 690A, 690B, 690C, 690D, 695, 695A & 695B aircraft at a factory-authorized service center. Those with no previous Twin Commander experience may require additional subject matter exposure depending on prior experience in the industry.

The course is taught by Mike Grabbe, who was an instructor for the Twin Commander maintenance course at FlightSafety and is now Manager of Quality Control and Training for Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis.

Course content includes:
• Familiarization with component locations.
• Introduction to normal systems operation leading to analyzing system malfunctions in a cost-effective manner.
• Discussion of recent manufacturer’s service information and product updates.
• Opportunity to share maintenance experience with other course participants.

Actual hours spent on each subject may vary depending on the experience of class participants and topics discussed.

The class culminates with a graded exam. Technicians who successfully complete the class each receive an official certificate of training.

The schedule for the next two classes is:
• June 23rd thru July 1st; class has 10 open slots.
• October 13th thru Oct 21st; class has 10 open slots.

Twin Commander Aircraft recommends that maintenance personnel attend update training at least every 12-18 months to ensure continued technical competency and accuracy of maintenance-related information.

Grabbe also teaches the two-day Twin Commander Service Bulletin (SB) 241 training class that takes the technician step by step through the service bulletin in a classroom environment using associated publications, engineering drawings, physical training aids, and discussions of potential traps. Clients are issued a training binder containing a printed copy of the presentation and associated service publications, plus a CD with relevant information.

The SB241 class also finishes with a graded exam, and successful candidates receive a certificate of training and a serialized training verification stamp. The stamp is used to mark compliance card and logbook entries to show that the work was performed and/or supervised by a trained individual.

Because of the complexity of performing the inspections and modifications, SB241 specifies that the work be done by technicians who have completed the special training.

The next two SB241 training classes will be held:
• May 19th & 20th; class has 10 open slots.
• October 6th & 7th; class has 10 open slots.

For more information contact Mike Grabbe at 800-487-3331 or

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region map

We’re getting closer to identifying the city where the 2015 Twin Commander University will be held, but we’re not quite there yet.

It took a couple of Sound Off polls to finally pick the region of the country most favored for the next University –– the Southeast. Last month we gave you a choice of five lovely Southeastern cities that could host the University. The results of that poll were not definitive, so this month we’re asking you to choose one from among the top three vote-getters in last month’s Sound Off.

In what region of the country would you like to see the 2015 Twin Commander University held?


Choose wisely, choose well...

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