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A Rebirth of Excellence


We are offering the business and general aviation industry a class of aircraft so completely restored, the result is an extremely reliable, safe to operate, high-performance aircraft. And at an acquisition and operating cost unmatched by any new production aircraft in its class. Upon completion, no other aircraft in its class can challenge a Renaissance Commander in performance, safety, and resale value. The Renaissance Commander Program is a unique and cost-efficient "package-priced" factory parts program, combined with the knowledge and experience of Twin Commander's worldwide factory-trained service center network. The Renaissance program guarantees Commander owners the workmanship, quality, and service they expect.

A Renaissance Commander minimizes the risk of purchasing and operating a pre-owned aircraft. With factory-authorized parts and service, you're guaranteed an aircraft designed to meet your exacting needs, and is backed by an unprecedented guarantee on parts and workmanship.

  • Performance and Value
  • Airframe Renewal
  • Total Product Support
  • Cost- Effective
  • Modern Performance
  • New Enhancements
  • Resale
  • Pilot Training

Performance and Value
No other aircraft in its class comes close to the Twin Commander in performance, safety, and resale value.

Airframe Renewal
The Renaissance Commander Program takes the risk out of purchasing a pre-owned Twin Commander through rigorous factory- sanctioned airframe refurbishment standard.

Total Product Support
Twin Commander Aircraft Corporation and AlliedSignal Aerospace offer support through a worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers.

Cost- Effective
The simple, rugged design of the Twin Commander makes it economical and practical to refurbish.

Modern Performance
The contemporary aerodynamic design delivers an unmatched blend of high cruise speeds, fuel efficiency, and short field performance.

New Enhancements
The -10T Engine Modification Program delivers 300+ KTAS cruise speeds and spectacular times to climb. Engine maintenance costs are reduced with a special 5,000-hr TBO and a single mid-life hot section inspection (HSI).

Increasing demand from people moving up from pressurized piston twins to turboprops will help assure strong resale value.

Pilot Training
Insurance company approved, professional pilot training is available with classes starting every month at the Twin Commander Learning Center operated by FlightSafety International in Houston, TX.

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All Renaissance Commanders are completely supported through a limited ONE YEAR, 200 HOUR warranty that covers all new TCAC parts and labor.* And at an affordable cost, you can extend your warranty to a full TWO YEARS, 400 HOURS.

*Renaissance Commander ONE & TWO YEAR Warranty exclude electronics and parts and labor not supplied by TCAC. Refer to individual manufacturer's Limited Warranty for complete warranty information.

The steps necessary to evaluate your aircraft as a Renaissance Commander candidate are straightforward. During your next scheduled inspection, have your Twin Commander evaluated by a Renaissance Commander Authorized Service Center. They can provide you with a complete review and evaluation of your aircraft, and design the necessary program options and upgrades to complete your Renaissance Commander.

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Certification as a Renaissance Commander requires that thorough inspections and compliance to Renaissance standards be met in all systems. These system-wide inspections provide you with a like-new aircraft in performance and appearance only available before in new aircraft. And if you don't currently own a Twin Commander, but are interested in this exciting program, the Twin Commander-Authorized Service Center network can find you a solid, well-maintained Twin Commander. This entire program guarantees the Twin Commander owner an aircraft that will provide years of quality operation and demand a higher resale value.

  • Structures
  • Fuel System
  • Hydraulics
  • Powerplant
  • Landing Gear
  • Instruments
  • Flight Controls
  • Cabin Environmental
  • Ice Protection
  • Appearance


  • Reduce the aircraft to its airframe, inspect and replace worn components.
    Inspect for corrosion, and wear; correct affected areas
  • Comply with all ADs and SBs
  • Install new cabin windows and windshields for structural integrity, clarity and pressure vessel sealing

Fuel System

  • Aircraft fuel system is restored to like-new condition
  • Replace current fuel bladders with advanced PERMAFLEX™ fuel cells
  • For wet wing aircraft; clean, inspect, and reseal all seams, skins, lap joints
  • Replace all associated gaskets, clamps and hoses
  • Check and recalibrate fuel vent shutoff valves, quantity signal unit, and low level switches


  • Inspection & replacement of all worn components within hydraulic system
  • Remove and inspect reservoir, accumulator, and regulator; overhaul and recertify accumulator
  • All components are cleaned, resealed, and tested for operation prior to reassembly
  • Engine driven pumps are overhauled or replaced


  • Ensure current engines maintain proper power output, and will make next scheduled maintenance. Option to replace current turbine engines with Garrett TPE 331- 10T for unbelievable performance and economic advantages.
  • Lebow ground run to evaluate current performance
  • Bring current engines to expected power output levels
  • Replace engine mounts and isolators with new

Landing Gear

  • Disassembly, inspection, and overhaul of entire landing gear system
  • Landing gear components are removed, stripped of paint, and inspected
  • Worn components are replaced; gear is repainted, reinstalled
  • Emergency gear extension system inspected
  • Nitrogen storage bottle is recertified
  • Tires, tubes and wheel O-rings are replaced
  • Installation of Cleveland wheels and brakes


  • Overhaul and/or recertification of all engine and flight instruments
  • Panel is removed, refinished and re-silk-screened
  • New Panel placards
  • Replace all electroluminescent panels
  • All indicators and instruments will be removed, recalibrated and recertified.

Flight Controls

  • Inspection and replacement of all worn components within flight control system
  • All primary and secondary control cables will be replaced
  • Pulleys, turnbuckles and cable guides replaced as required
  • Trim control units, mechanical rudder and elevator actuators are replaced with new
  • Aileron electrical trim actuator is replaced with new
  • Column and yoke assembly is stripped and refinished

Cabin Environmental

  • Restore pressurization system
  • Seal pressure vessel at wing roots, skin joints, and floor panels
    New seals installed around the windows, windshields, emergency exit and cabin door
  • Remove, overhaul and reinstall pressurization controller
  • Inspect and overhaul air cycle machine
  • Overhaul ground blower motor
  • Replace all ducts with new
  • Installation of new bleed air shutoff valves, selectable bleed air control panel with temperature monitoring system in empanage

Ice Protection

  • Aircraft ice protection system is restored to like-new condition
  • Deicing boots are replaced with advanced PERMAFLEX™ boots
  • Rudder trim, rudder-to-vertical-fin slot, generator inlet heaters and thermostat sensors are replaced with new
  • Propeller boots and slip ring brushes are replaced with new
  • Pitot tube assemblies are replaced with new high-wattage assemblies


  • Appearance items are restored or replaced to like-new condition
  • Wingtip and tail navigation lenses are replaced with new
  • Throttle quadrant covers and engine control covers are replaced with new
  • Radome receptacle covers are replaced with new
  • All quickturn fasteners are replaced with new stainless steel hardware
  • Every exterior screw is replaced
  • Flap hinge bracket covers are replaced
  • Custom paint and interior design

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