Twin Commander logo aerial shot of Twin Commander airplane


The Turbine Commander (Model 690, 690A, 690B)

1000 on runway

The first variant of the mighty turbine powered Twin Commanders, the 690 series matches Honeywell TPE331 engines producing 717.5 shaft horsepower to a pressurized airframe offering a 4,174 lb. useful load, including 600 lbs. of baggage.

Climbing out at 2,850 feet per minute, a turbo Commander will likely have you on top of the weather at FL200 in nine minutes and comfortably cruising in the mid to high twenty’s at 285 knots while sipping Jet A for 1,500 nautical miles.

The JetProp Commander (Model 840, 900, 980, 1000)

1000 on runway

Unequivocally the hands down all around best performer in its class (and many others), the Commander JetProp series defines performance, efficiency, and value. As a second generation to the Turbo Commander series, the JetProp Commanders offer greater wing area along with a larger fuselage and cabin. Engine options extend up to the TPE 331 Dash 10T engine producing 1,000 shaft horsepower and speeds exceeding 300 knots while burning only 75 gallons of fuel per hour. The 1000 model JetProp Commander has seating for up to 9, including a lavatory and is certified to FL350. RVSM capability is available via STC. JetProp Commanders offer a long range cruise capability between 1,700 and 2,050 nautical miles. Unbeatable by any measure.